Lucky's Beach Houses
Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga
 What to Bring from Home and from Town before coming out to Lucky's Beach Houses

Bring from Home

Snorkel Gear - It is randomly available locally, but usually poor quality
Sun Screen - Available locally sometimes, but expensive
Insect Repellent - Available locally sometimes, but expensive
Sun Hat
Reef Shoes
Beach Towel - we provide towels for your room
Sun shirt, rashie

Get in town before coming out to Lucky's Beach Houses

Be sure to collect all the supplies you think you may need prior to coming out to Lucky's Beach Houses.  We are located 11km from town, which is a $30 taxi ride one way.  

Food - We do have Cook Tops for each House/Fale. The Farmers market for fresh produce/seafood/eggs is open Monday thru Friday from 9am till 4pm and on Saturdays from 9am till 12pm.

The stores open Monday thru Saturday 7am till 11pm. They do not carry fresh produce. The stores do carry eggs, bread, frozen food (meat/fish/poultry, cheese, butter) and refrigerated beverages (sodas, beer, water).

There are small shops with very limited package food items only in our village.


Alcohol - Get it before you come out as it is only available in Neiafu (town).

Drinking water if you have a problem with drinking Rain water.


Make sure to check the Equipment Recommendations page for fishing gear to bring if you choose to.
Polarized sunglasses
Big Hat
Long sleeved shirt
Power bars
Sports drink powder
Fishing glove to protect the casting finger