Popper Fishing in Vava'u, Tonga
At Lucky's Beach, we love to fish. Our favorite type is popping for Giant Trevally (GT)
Your guide has over 15 years experience popper fishing in Hawaii and has spent the last 10 years searching Vava'u for prime fishing locations.  He would love to take you to the remote reefs to try your luck with these brutes of the sea.
We Practice 100% Catch and Release for GTs
Your fishing platform is named Lupo.  In the Tongan Language it is the name of the smaller Trevally (quick and agile).  Lupo is a Boston Whaler, Montauk 17, which is excellent for 2 anglers,one forward and one aft.  It is powered by a 2017 Yamaha 60 HP 4-stroke for quiet cruising the reef edges.

Warning:  This kind of fishing can be physically challenging and requires reasonable fitness levels and casting abilities to be truly effective.  Some of the land based options are 20-40 minute walks to remote beaches, down somewhat steep trailes.  Please be sure to ask all possible questions before booking GT fishing trips, especially land based ones.
Poppin' Tonga


We now have two options to cater to the experienced GT fishos with their own equipment (Rod, Reel,lures, etc.).  Then the option for the folks that are keen to give this great type of fishing a try and will use my equipment (Rod, Reel, lures, etc.).  Just a word of warning, this type of fishing is quite addictive

Boat Charters - Max 3 Anglers
Full Day no equipment supplied (Bare Boat) - $800 TOP
Half Day no equipment supplied (Bare Boat) - $500 TOP
Full Day all equipment supplied - $1000 TOP
Half Day all equipment supplied - $600 TOP
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Cool Tongan GT Trivia
GT Names in Tongan
Fish Size
to ~ 15cm
Very young Trevally
15cm - 40cm


40cm - 90cm
English translation - Strong Tail
90cm -140cm
English translation - Black Side
140cm - OMG*
The ones we all dream of!!
OMG = Oh my Gosh!  
Tongan Proverb -  Fotu e 'Ulua pea ngalo 'a Tukuku
English Translation - When the GT comes around, we forget about the small black reef fish.
This proverb is used in many contexts - When Famous people come to visit we forget about the little people.
This information was kindly provided by Mr. Bruno Toke of the Ministry of Tourism in Vava'u

Some photos of Kenzaburou Fukui (holder of 4 IGFA GT records) on his trip to Vava'u, Tonga.  I had the honor of taking him and his cameraman "Iga" to one of the remote islands for land based popping.  What an amazing fisherman!  Not many people could have landed that fish.
Hope to see you in Vava'u